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“Who’s on your team? More than you thought.”

Who’s on your team?  The question springs from a generality, an easily understood concept that in corporations, as in any organization made up of leaders and followers, the combined strength of the team in its members and its output is fundamental to the success of...

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”Luck” and Discovery

Like it or not, “luck” can have a lot to do with the outcomes of our efforts.  Apparently random sequences of events beyond our control can determine the success of our endeavors, for good or ill. The most carefully planned and industriously executed plans can come to...

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Re: What About the Bad Decisions?

There are no bad decisions, only bad results.” Decisions quickly made under extreme circumstances in the face of sudden unforeseen hardships or opportunities cannot be faulted for inattention to preparation or willful disregard of reality.

Hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20. The results of decisions—polar and non-polar, extreme and ordinary—are known by their outcomes. The roads not taken lead to obscurity.

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